1tap Receipts

Automatic Data Extraction and Bookkeeping

If you are self-employed or a sole trader, 1tap Receipts can help you carry out your Self-Assessment easily and efficiently. 1tap carries out automated data extraction and bookkeeping from your receipts, managing all your expenses so you never miss another tax deduction.

How It Works

Using 1tap you can take or import photos of receipts, add multiple receipts in one go, forward email invoices from your inbox, and manually enter all other expense claims.

1tap processes your expense claim, carrying out automatic HMRC expense categorisation, then checks that all the data is correctly entered and categorised.

1tap provides access to important financial reports including CSV or PDF reports on HMRC expense categorisation and custom tags as well as PDF image reports and location tagging.

Storing your receipts in 1tap’s secure Cloud Storage allows you to access them anywhere at any time. Within 1tap secure backups of all your data are made every day and strong safeguards are in place to protect customer privacy.

As you add receipts, 1tap provide real-time updates showing the savings you’ve made in tax returns during the month as well as predictions on how much you could earn for the tax year. 1tap also provides instant advice on what is and isn’t claimable for your business as well as a Tax Rate calculator.

With 1tap you instantly share your data and receipts with your accountant – that’s us!

Personalised Accounting Service + 1tap App for £24.99/month