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Self Assessment Tax Returns

If you are self-employed or a sole trader, 1tap Receipts and Boom! Accounts can help you carry out your Self-Assessment and Tax Return easily, accurately and efficiently.

Completing a Self-assessment Tax Return can take a lot of time and effort and often a lot of money can go unclaimed.

Using 1tap and Boom! Accounts, all your expenses are managed so that you never miss another tax deduction.

Simply use 1tap to photograph your receipts or forward them from an email. 1tap then extracts the key information from your receipts such as amounts, dates, categories and supplier, categorises each item and saves them securely on the cloud, ready for your HMRC Self-Assessment form.

All your data and receipts are stored using secure cloud storage, allowing you to access them anywhere at any time.  Strong safeguards are in place to protect customer privacy and secure backups of all your data are made every day.

When all your receipts for the year are uploaded to 1tap, your tax return will be checked and prepared by a member of the Boom! Accounts team. Using the 1tap app you will be uploading your income and receipts in real time, so the Boom! Accounts team can complete your tax return anytime from the 6th April.

Personalised Accounting Service + 1tap App for £24.99/month