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Self Assessment Tax Return For Plumbers

Plumbers Tax Return

Throw out that paper and go digital with 1tap and Boom! Accounts. We're the perfect team to prepare and submit self-employed tax returns for plumbers.

As a self-employed Plumber, work can often involve different expenses such as equipment for repairs and maintenance, materials, insurance, protective clothing, consumable tools and so on. It can be difficult to know whether you are claiming the correct expenses on your Self-Assessment and Tax Return and whether you’re paying too much or too little tax.

With the 1tap app, all the key data is extracted from photographs or uploads of your receipts. This data is then used to categorise all your expenses according to HMRC categorisation. This makes completing your Self-Assessment much simpler and ensures that the correct expenses are claimed.

All your data and receipts are stored using secure cloud storage, meaning you’ll never lose a receipt again.

1tap shares you receipts and data with the Boom! Accounts team who check through your expenses to ensure they are correct before completing your tax return for you, saving you time and effort. As you will be uploading your receipts in real time using the 1tap app, the Boom! Accounts team can complete your tax return anytime from the 6th April.

Any expenses that you incur which are exclusively for your work are tax deductible. Examples of expenses you can claim are materials and equipment bought and used only for work, insurance, protective clothing, laundry and cleaning of work clothing, consumable tools, phone costs for business use and advertising.

For advice on what expenses you can and can’t claim on your tax return as a Self-employed Plumber you can read our blog post on self-employed plumbers tax deductible expenses.

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